"I have two rescue schnauzers, Dexter and Pearl.  When I adopted Dexter in October 2007, I really knew almost
nothing about dog training, but I knew that I wanted to learn how to work with him using positive reinforcement. I
was so lucky to find Katalin! Katalin worked with us patiently and enthusiastically, and with obvious passion and
affection for dogs. She showed me how to use positive reinforcement to teach Dexter all of the basic obedience
commands. In six weeks, my little schnauzer who had been left at a shelter because he was 'too hyperactive'
was a champion at sitting, lying down, staying, and several tricks. Dexter and I went through two more of
Katalin's classes together, in which he consistently showed me how much he could do if I just followed Katalin's
training advice and worked with him using her techniques. In January 2008, I adopted Pearl, who I now believe
may not have had a great life before she came to live with me. She was scared of strange sounds, of people
walking up to her, of her leash, and of other dogs. When I brought her home, she growled and barked at Dexter
and wouldn't allow him to get near her. I was so worried, so I took her to Katalin that very first day. Katalin gave
me wonderful advice on how to help Pearl overcome her fears, and to my great relief, my two dogs were playing
together within a few days and they are now the best of friends. I've taken Pearl through two of Katalin's classes
and I'm proud to say that, with Katalin's help, Pearl is now so much more confident and less afraid. She's able to
meet new dogs and people now and she also knows all basic obedience command though she didn't even sit
when I adopted her. I would wholeheartedly recommend Katalin to anyone looking for a dog trainer! She has
really made a difference in the lives of my two dogs and improved my relationship with them."   
“We have accomplished so much in
a short period of time with our newf,
Penny!  Katalin has provided so much
guidance and advice in how to tame
our wild puppy - all with positive
reinforcement techniques!  We
couldn't be more pleased.''
“We adopted Odin from a rescue group at
age 2-1/2.  He'd been kept outside most of
the time, and had never been taught any
manners whatsoever.  When your new family
member weighs 200 lbs and resembles an
exuberant, clumsy moose more than a dog,
this can be quite a problem! Katalin came in
and, in just a few sessions, helped turn our
sweet goofy boy into a much more well-
mannered dog.  She was patient, positive,
calming, and Odin just loved her!  I also really
appreciated her total willingness to help via
email if questions came up between
sessions. Odin's behavior is now so
improved that we were able to take all 200
lbs of him into our son's classroom at school
for "show and tell," and he managed to win
over even the kids who are usually fearful of
dogs with his sweet, (now) well-mannered
“My husband and I recently adopted a rescued 18th month
Bernese Mountain Dog, Titan.  Labeled a ‘problem dog’ he
had no prior obedience training and no real socialization as
he spent most of his time in a crate at his old home.

Over our four private lessons Katalin was amazingly helpful in
demonstrating how we could use positive reinforcement in
training and at the end of each session gave us ‘homework’
to practice and next steps we could try as Titan moved along.  
Titan loved Katalin and our training sessions, and has picked
up amazingly fast on his training.  He still needs a little
polishing and practicing, but our happy go lucky boy has a
solid foundation of manners and obedience after several
weeks and a few easy to practice exercises.

Midway through our lessons Titan ran into some medical problems that affected our
ability to practice obedience training and what we could use to reward him when we
did practice.  Although we couldn’t meet in person, Katalin gave us alternative
techniques and treats we could try and emailed up to several times a day asking
questions and offering advice.

Outside of our specific training cues (sit, down, stay, leave it, etc) Katalin has given
us a lot of helpful general dog advice (Titan is the first dog we’ve owned on our own)
as well as pointing us to outside resources we could go to for further information.  
We’ve had a great experience with Katalin and Special Paws and would definitely
recommend her to other dog owners looking for dog-(and people-) friendly training."
- Paula
- Becky
- Shari
- Heidi and Bryan
"Snowflake was a rescue dog, he
was jumped around from home to
home. We were his 3rd home. He had
barking issues, anxiety, lack of
socialization and dog reactivity
issues. Katalin was very good about
explaining how to deal with our
concerns and how to work on his
                             -Roger and Cindy
"Katalin Kerekes is an amazing trainer and an extremely caring person.  Because I work in a local shelter and
have my own small Rescue, I know many of her clients, and they all praise her abilities as a trainer and the
intuitive way she understands dog behavior.  She is able to provide the proper tools and focus for new adopters
to feel confident in helping their “second hand” dog feel welcome and secure.  She has been the key to many
successful adoptions.  But what many people do not know, is that Katalin has provided countless hours
donating her time and expertise to shelters and Rescue organizations offering suggestions to rehabilitate dogs
seized from terrible situations, many experiencing the canine version of post traumatic stress.  Because of her,
many dogs were able to find loving homes and promising tomorrows that were thought perhaps too emotionally
damaged to be adopted.  Katalin is dedicated, honest in her approach and not only helps the dog, but educates
the owner to guarantee long term success.  For basic obedience, or understanding and resolving unique
behavior problems, Special Paws Training is outstanding!!"
                                                                                                                                       -Kricket McCarthy, McWag Rescue
Dog Training