We adopted Special Dark when he was about 9 months old, we were
his third family. He is a silly, happy- go- lucky chow chow who loves
walks, sniffing everything on his walks, and eating treats more than
anything! He also enjoys playing with soft, squeaky toys and hanging out
with his humans.

When we adopted him, we got lots of advice on how we should train
him. A lot of it didn't settle well with us. Knowing there had to be another
way, we sought one out. After interviewing multiple trainers, we found a
wonderful trainer who used only positive reinforcement methods.  
Special loved his class and quickly moved to the head of the class,
thriving on performing his cues on cue- so to speak! The process of
training was obviously fun for him, it was definitely fun for us, and we
were getting wonderful results! We noticed our bond with him

This process of training with Special Dark and seeing him so happy and
relaxed inspired us to delve deeper into the literature on positive
reinforcement (to see some of my favorites, click
here). It inspired us to
share with the world how fruitful
and fun training your dog can be!

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