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What you'll need:
-  Regular collar or harness ( ABSOLUTELY NO choke, prong or shock collars)
-  4 or 6 foot nylon leash (
NO metal leashes, please no retractable or flexi-leashes)
-  TREATS! Soft treats please, typically the smellier the better
-  Proof of vaccination (all dogs must be up to date on rabies vaccination if they are old enough)

Some lessons may need:
-  a towel, mat or blanket for your dog to lay on
-  toys
-  a small basket (to teach your dog to "clean up" their toys in)

Special Paws Pet Training Agreement

-  Payment is due at the start of the lessons or consultation
-  At this time we accept personal checks only. Checks should be made out to: Special Paws, Inc.
-  There is a returned check fee of $35 plus any fees Special Paws, Inc. incurs to collect monies owed. If a check is returned,
Special Paws, Inc. has the right to request payment in the form of cash. Should any action be required by Special Paws, Inc.
to collect monies owed, any fees associated with such collection (including, but not limited to, attorney fees) are the
responsibility of Trainee.

-  Payments made to Special Paws are non-refundable.
-  Trainee may reschedule an appointment provided we are notified at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to reschedule at least
24 hours in advance of a lesson will result in Trainee being charged for the time slot, even if the lesson is not given.  

-  Trainee must produce proof of vaccination. Special Paws cannot permit pets without documented current vaccinations and   
cannot risk exposing its personnel to unvaccinated pets. Failure to produce proof of vaccination at the first training session   
will result in cancellation of the session as a no-show.

-  Special Paws and its employees are not liable for any damage to any person, any animal or any property (including, but not
limited to, dog bites or attacks) during or following training (including initial phone consultation, consultation, in-home   
lessons and/ or any behavior modification).
-  While Special Paws and its employees uses the best available practices accepted by the profession, no guarantee is made
of your dog's behavior, now or in the future.
-  Trainee agrees to restrain his/her dog during consultations and lessons. Trainee accepts responsibility for any actions of
his/her dog against Trainer.
-  Children under 16 participating in training must be accompanied by an adult.

-  Training is effective when regularly reinforced. For good results, the Trainee is expected to maintain and reinforce training
outside of the training sessions.

-  Trainer may cancel contract for any of the following reasons: (1) failure to pay, (2) returned check, (3) failure to actively engage
in training activities, and (4) employing training methods not consistent with those used or suggested during lessons with
Special Paws, Inc.

Special Paws, Inc. Privacy Policy

We will not share any information you provide with any other party. The only exception made is if Special Paws refers you to a
behaviorist, we will need to contact your veterinarian. We may also discuss your behavioral concerns with the behaviorist as part
of the referral.
By clicking the submit button you are signifying that you have read, understand and
accept the terms of this contract.
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