1. Train Your Dog Like a Pro by Jean Donaldson
 (Includes a 2.5 hour DVD)

2. Good Dog 101 by Cristine Dahl

3. The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson

4. The Other End of the Leash: Why We Do What We Do   
 Around Dogs by Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.

5. Play Together, Stay Together: Happy and Healthy Play   
 Between People and Dogs by Karen B. London, Ph.D.
 & Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D.  

6. Before and After Getting Your Puppy: The Positive    
 Approach to Raising a Happy, Healthy, and Well-Behaved
 Dog by Dr. Ian Dunbar

7. How to Teach a New Dog Old Tricks by Ian Dunbar

8. The Power of Positive Dog Training by Pat Miller

9. When Pigs Fly!: Training Success with Impossible Dogs
  by Jane Killion

10. Doctor Dunbar's Good Little Dog Book by Ian Dunbar

Additional Books
If the above books have wetted your appetite for learning
more about positive reinforcement and learning theory, try

1. Oh Behave!: Dogs from Pavlov to Premack to Pinker      
  by Jean Donaldson

2. For the Love of a Dog: Understanding Emotions in You
  and Your Best Friend by Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D.

Books on Specific Training Topics

Way to Go! How to Housetrain a Dog of Any Age by Karen B.
London, Ph.D.& Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D.
Books Addressing Specific Behavioral Concerns

1. Mine! A Practical Guide to Resource Guarding
  in Dogs by Jean Donaldson

2. Feisty Fido: Help For the Leash Aggressive Dog
  by Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D. & Karen B. London, Ph.D.

3. The Cautious Canine: How to Help Dogs Conquer
  Their Fears by Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D.


Jean Donaldon's Perfect Paws in 5 Days

Karen B. London, Ph.D.'s Canine Play: Including its
relationship to aggression

Patricia B. McConnell's Lassie Come! How to get your
dog to come every time you call


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